HMOTA: Philadelphia Home Mod OT Home Evaluation Conference POSTPONED

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HMOTA: Home Mod OT Evaluation Festival Conference

POSTPONED until further notice.

We are postponing in order to resolve licensing issues.  We'll most likely reschedule for summer since winter is a hard time to travel and in the spring we'll have a HMOTA gathering the Wednesday before the AOTA conference in New Orleans.

Evaluation Festival details:  This conference is for OTs and COTAs specializing in home modifications to practice real-life home evaluations.  We will be evaluating homes throughout Philadelphia in teams of 2-4 people for home accessibility.    We will be utilizing an evaluation developed by the HMOTA Evaluation Committee. 

This Festival will be to improve our skills, meet and discuss home modifications, accessible design, business and give home modification OT’s and COTA’s an opportunity come together and get to know one another.
·      Each evaluation pays $80, the money will be divided between group members.
·      Everyone participating in the Evaluation Festival will receive a measuring tape and graph paper.
·      A laser measure will be a given away to one of the conference attendees.
·      Come for the whole conference or for one day, whatever works.  Must be registered to attend.



9:00 am:  Orientation, evaluation review & split up into evaluation teams.
10:00 am:  Begin home evaluations.
12:00 pm:  Lunch on your own.
1:00 pm:  Evaluations continued..
5:00 pm:  Finish evaluations.
7:00 pm:  Dinner, discussion and presentations of evaluations.

9:00 am:  Begin home evaluations.
12:00 pm:  Lunch on your own.
4:00 pm:  Finish evaluations
7:00 pm:  Dinner, discussion and presentation of evaluations.

8:00 am:  Breakfast, review of weekend and good-byes.

For teams who are traveling later in the day or living nearby more home evaluations if they would like.

Cost to attend this conference: 
·      $100 for HMOTA members.
·      $150 for non-HMOTA members.
·      $75 for OT’s with a Pennsylvania OT license.

Early bird registration, sign-up by October 21st:
·      $50 for HMOTA members.
·      $75 for non-HMOTA members.
·      $35 for OT’s with a Pennsylvania license.

Requirements to be paid for home evaluations:
·      OT or COTA license. 
·      W9
·      Proof of liability insurance.

Help needed for this conference, please comment below if you can help or have any ideas to make this GREAT!!:
·      Hotel identification:  We need to find a hotel that we can book a group rate on rooms, preferably a hotel with a meeting room.
o   Also would like in a hotel but not necessary:
§  Free shuttle from the airport.
§  Free parking.
§  Free wifi.
§  Free breakfast.
§  Near nice restaurants.
·      Restaurant identification required after we find the hotel: 
o   Need to find restaurants that have meeting rooms.
o   Or possibly restaurants that are willing to cater in to the hotel.
·      Assistance setting up CEU’s, if possible.
·      In November we will need assistance organizing evaluations and evaluation teams.


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