Review of Office Chair with Electric Lift and Brake

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This is the only office chair with a brake and an electric lift on the market as far as I know.  I have done extensive research to find a lift chair that was mobile and not just for watching TV.

I originally found this chair when I was looking for an office chair with a brake for a man with a brain injury.  That's when I came across this lift chair sold by Essential Luxuries (click here for more detail from Essential Luxuries).

I was a bit worried about getting this office lift chair for the man with a brain injury because he had short-term memory issues, which I was afraid would prevent him from utilizing the brake.  But he had no problems.  This chair is very intuitive and easy to use.

When I got the office lift chair I was impressed by the quality and the features of the chair.  This amazing little office chair had the following features:
  • A four star base,  to easily propel the chair your feet.   Most office chairs have a five star base.  The four star base allows the user to propel the chair easily with their feet, your feet don't hit the chair.  Who knew this simple feature would be so cool.
  • An easy to use hand brake to allow for safe transfers on/off the chair, and the brake can be set up on the right or the left hand side of the chair to accommodate user needs.  Again, so cool!
  • Electric lift to allow for easy transfers or to allow the user to raise the chair to reach high shelves. The electric lift controls are under the armrest and can be easily switched from right to left.  The lift is rechargeable by just plugging it in.  The chair stayed charged for several days with light use.  A heavy user may need to charge the chair every couple of days.
  • Armrests that lower to help with transfers.  The armrests are easy to adjust while sitting in the chair.  The armrests will lower to the same height as the seat to allow for lateral transfers using the armrests for support.
  • Perching function to allow user to tilt the seat and lean on the chair while standing.  As an OT I love this feature, it encourages weight bearing to increase bone density and function.  One of the great benefits, based on research, of standing/perching is it encourages bowel function.
  • Completely adjustable and easy to adjust to add ergonomic support to make this chair one of the most comfortable chairs on the market.  Again, I love this chair.
This office lift chair is the perfect chair for:
  • Bad knees and back.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Parkinson's disease.
  • Anyone with a mobility issue that isn't ready to just sit and watch TV. 
Click here to see a video of this office lift chair with a brake in action.

Anyone else out there find a chair that compares to this one?

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