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Women recommends HGTV program for aging in place home modifications!!

I did a presentation for a women's group and explained home modifications for aging in place.

This recommendation was not really for my company but for aging and home mods, which was what my presentation was about.  We all need to get out and speak with groups about OT, home mods and aging in place.

My presentation was not on aging in place per se.  It was on looking at homes and modifying them to be more comfortable, overcome visual issues, preventing stress on joints and how falls are not okay along with fall statistics.

Here's what she wrote, we really need to market ourselves because there is an enthusiastic market out there. I think I'm in love with this woman!!  She is soo getting a free home evaluation or at least 50% off.:-)

Subject: Idea for HGTV program
Date: January 11, 2018 at 10:53:23 AM EST

I just went to a program for a women’s group I belong to where everyone is a Senior Citizen.  The speaker’s business is FUNCTIONAL HOMES.  It is amazing how they can identify special needs, evaluate what is needed in renovation, modification, or simply some equipment to give  a home functional accessibility for full service, barrier-free living.
I think HGTV should look into this for at least one new program  You would have an audience with need and interest.
Not only are the Baby Boomers entering that stage of life, but people in accidents, illnesses, and not to mention all the wounded veterans.
Your programs are all the same and are getting boring - not to mention so many repeats.  The “buyers” are spoiled, whiny folks all with the same wants - "open floor plan, this carpet has to go, wrong color. etc. etc. This “space” is too small.    Oh this kitchen is outdated - maybe 15 yrs. old."  Their whining is so annoying I have to click the off button.
Check out the website of the business that spoke to my group.

So that is the email she sent to at HGTV.  

We all need to contact and let aadlam know we want an HGTV show.  Actually even if they don't pick up the show the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance ( will be putting a show together.

Let us know if you're an OT, builder or designer interested in being a part of the show by emailing: or commenting below.

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Karen Barbour's blog said...

Good job letting them know what the consumers want. I'm a late boomer myself.....born in 1962. I'll follow the lead and email them ask well.

BTW I'm a Realtor with a mission to serve the WHOLE disability community and aging in place communities. I'm fluent in ASL having grown up with a deaf sister and our youngest son has autism.