Hats Off to Michigan Auto No-Fault Champions

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My New Year’s resolution is to become more active in the battle to protect the Michigan No-fault system.  I have not been following developments as closely as I should be, instead I’ve been relying on Kevin McKinney and a few newsletters for updates.  But if Michigan Auto No-fault is going to continue intact then we all (including me) need to get more involved in defeating Michigan Auto N0-fault reform which was introduced by Governor Snyder, if I’m not mistaken.

I am not as well versed as I should be, but I do know there are champions in the Auto No-Fault battle to whom we all need to tip our hats. 

First and foremost, hats off and bravo to Kevin McKinney (http://www.mckinneyandassociates.net/about.html#.)   

 Kevin assisted with developing and forming CPAN (Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault)  and lobbying against Michigan No fault reform.  Kevin writes an email with updates on legislation in Lansing.  Valuable for all of us in keeping up with political developments, click here for Kevin’s update on the latest on No-Fault reform in Lansing.

John G. Prosser (President at Neuro Trauma Association) thank you for speaking out and going head-to-head in the fight to preserve our Michigan Auto No Fault system.   Your courage is admired and appreciated.  Click here to see John in action.

CPAN (Coalition Protecting Auto No-fault): for being our organization and our voice in Lansing for the debate on auto no-fault.  Please join or donate to give CPAN the power to continue the fight, click here for more information.

Brain Injury Association of Michigan:  Thank you to Michael Dabbs and his crew for the updates and their work not only with the brain injury community but also their work to keep the auto no-fault issues in the public eye.  Please support the Brain Injury Association of Michigan by clicking here.

Thank you to all the auto no-fault attorneys for your daily work in the trenches, keeping the auto insurance companies on their toes, ensuring they honor the law and that accident victims and their providers are treated fairly.

Below are a few that I have seen in action:

Miller and Tischler, P.C.: 
Special hats-off Maureen Kinsella, who I have had the privilege to work with on several cases, for the TRIAL VICTORY on HOME MODIFICATIONS AND THE ADMIRE DECISION, click here to see the whole story.

George Sinas for his gallant fight in the Admire vs Auto Owners battle.
Conybeare Law- Michael Marrs one of the few attorneys to make headway with Farm Bureau.

 Buckfire and Buckfire: for their daily work in the trenches, keeping the auto insurance companies on their toes and ensuring they honor the law that accident victims and their providers are treated fairly.

I know there are more that I did not mention, thank you to you all.  Please email any important headway or cases won in the auto no-fault arena so I can publish them on my blog at: Service@functionalhomes.net

Issues at the forefront:

Summary Analysis of HB 4612:  Legislation  introduced by the insurance industry that, if enacted, would fundamentally change the basic nature of the Michigan auto no-fault system.

Michigan insurance companies want to cap your injury and rehabilitation auto insurance benefits (known as Personal Injury Protection), which they say will save drivers about $10 per month for one year.  

CPAN Summary Analysis of HB 4959: This legislation gives Medicare eligible citizens the right to opt-out of mandatory no-fault coverage. In effect, this bill will put Michigan's senior drivers who are injured in an auto accident at risk, by taking away their comprehensive, lifetime medical care and rehabilitation benefits to which they are entitled under the current Michigan AutoNo-Fault Law. This analysis explains why this legislation is detrimental to Michigan seniors and the state auto no-fault system as a whole.

Admire vs Auto Owners:  This summary of the Admire vs Auto Owners court case is an excerpt from a Miller & Tischler, P.C. newsletter. This Admire vs Auto Owners case is the case that ended the auto insurer from purchasing vehicles for injury victims instead the auto insurers now only need pay for modifications to vehicles.  Unfortunately, especially over the last year the auto insurance industry is applying this decision to home modifications as well.

Time for us to get off the sidelines and join the fight before it's too late!!

The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault has the following list of actions you can take that will help preserve Michigan's auto no-fault system.  

Please do something today. 

The Governor  introduced legislation that would take away or limit the benefits that has helped millions of accident victims make the most complete recovery possible without bankrupting their families or turning to state welfare programs. 

Help CPAN PreserveMichigan's Auto No-Fault System:

1. Learn about House Bill 4612 and how it will impact accident victims. Click below for CPAN's analysis.
Summary of No-Fault HB 4612

2. Write a letter your state senator and representative telling them to "VOTE NO on House Bill 4612"

3. Share your personal story with your representatives by using the Contact Your Legislator which is linked to the Brain Injury Association of Michigan's Legislative Action Center.

4. Contact your local media outlet to share your personal story.

5. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper discussing the impact of House Bill 4612. Contact CPAN and we will provide you with sample letters to get you started.

6. Become a CPAN member to stay informed about auto insurance issues and support our efforts.  Membership dues support this fight to preserve no-fault.

7. “Like” CPAN’s Facebook page and follow CPAN on Twitter.

8. “Like” your state senator and state representative’s Facebook page (type their name in the search bar)

9. Post information about House Bill 4612 on your personal Facebook page, Twitter account or blog to participate in the

10. Share this list with your family and friends and encourage them to help!

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